Why I decided to blog, and you students and entreps should too:

[WARNING: many personal anecdotes–wade through my story or flee at your own risk]

Historically I have been a close-mouthed person when it comes to me (except for with my family, poor people).  Why the hell am I on a blog, then?

I’ll admit, it was largely peer pressure.

Recently I went to a Principled Business Leadership Institute as part of the co-ed business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi.  As part of the programming, I went to a social media workshop unlike any I have ever attended and that gave me way more valuable information than I thought I was going to get.  I was expecting the usual “watch what you post on Facebook because employers look there blah blah blah,” but the presenter asked the following:

1.) Do you have professional social media sights other than LinkedIn? (I answered mentally “no”)

2.) Do you know what happens when someone Googles your name? (With a name as common as Taylor Brown, I again answered “no”)

She went on to say how, when someone Googles your name, there are about ten links that come up–be in charge of those ten things.

Fellow college students–we are in charge of how we are seen in the information age.  We should intentionally manage our personal brands

Fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners–social media marketing and brand positioning happens more on social media now than ever before; it affords businesses the priceless opportunity to interact with current and potential customers.

My question to you few readers who have gotten this far: do YOU have a professional Twitter? A professional blog?

This is why I joined the blogging community–to take charge of my internet identity and content.

How are you?

In the future you can expect posts about the few areas of expertise I do have based on my experience gleaned over my ever-so-long 19 years of life.

-Food for thought-



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